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pacific crest trail section hike, 2018

Pacific Crest Trail 2018

White Pass, Washington → Shelter Cove Resort at Odell Lake, Oregon
July 9th – August 4th

day 1: a feast for mosquitos

day 2: an island in the clouds

day 3: hell is many mosquitos

day 4: water is wet, mosquitos are monsters

day 5: trout lake

day 6: forest noises

day 7: forests and ridges and lakes (oh my)

day 8: this is actually pretty nice

day 9: up down up

day 10: hot sun, cold beer

days 11 & 12: zeros in Portland

day 13: burn / the lonely plight of the solo sobo section hiker

day 14: mount hood sneakin’ up on me

day 15: paradise?

day 16: satisfaction

day 17: heavy pack, light heart

day 18: all creatures great and small

day 19: new shoes day

day 20: everything was beautiful and (almost) nothing hurt (or, jefferson park!! or, just put a big ol’ star next to this day because it was one of my favorites)

day 21: the burn is the world (or, 32.4 miles!!)

day 22: zero in Sisters & Bend

day 23: moonwalking

day 24: I love oregon

day 25: lakes

day 26: more lakes

day 27: shelter cove (or, ta ta for now)