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pacific crest adventurin’ summer 2015

In the summer of 2015, I set out to hike the Pacific Crest Trail southbound from Canada to Mexico. Not to spoil the suspense or anything, but — I didn’t make it. After hiking 450+ miles across Washington, I decided to bike to the Sierras and pick up the trail there. Injury and logistical difficulties ended up cutting that plan short, too. My hike across Washington was an incredible and incredibly challenging experience, and I know I’ll get back on the trail someday. Below are all the posts I wrote about my first summer on the Pacific Crest.


gear: gear gear gear

prelude: take your heart’s candle & relight it


Pacific Crest Trail

Hart’s Pass → Monument 78 → Road 23 north of Trout Lake
July 12th – August 14th

day 1: a lot of driving, a little hiking

day 2: deer poop and other mistakes

day 3: slackpacking to Canada

day 4: ploddling along OR Hart’s Pass 2: the Return to Hart’s Pass

day 5: mountains and marmots and meadows, oh my!

day 6: bear-y berry country

day 7: hot and dusty

day 8: zero in Stehekin

day 9: how to be butterfly strong

day 10: ten up, ten down

day 11: Fledgling and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

day 12: yes we’ll hike hike hike all the whole day

day 13: buckets of rain

day 14: whatever will be, will be

day 15: almost there

day 16: hiker havens

day 17: good day sunshine

day 18: beginner’s mind, shmeginner’s shmind

day 19: rock ‘n’ (ankle) roll

day 20: alternatively

day 21: hot springs

day 22: three weeks on the trail

day 23: where I used to live

day 24: here we go again

day 25: logged land

day 26: civilization and huckleberries

day 27: a marathon day

day 28: a less-than-marathon day

day 29: brownies ‘n’ beer

day 30: zero zero

day 31: fire in the sky

day 32: on top of Old Snowy, all covered in smoke

day 33: haze

day 34: Pacific Crest River




Sierra-Cascades bike route

Road 23 north of Trout Lake → Detroit, OR
September 5th – 9th

day 1: here I go again, on my own

day 2: September in Oregon / hubris

day 3: how long till my soul gets it right?

day 4: I quit


the next day: whatever I’m doing, day whatever

postlude: how I spent my summer vacation