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bcep 2017 / snowflake lemmings, part two: snow weekend!

Last month on the mountain with the Snowflake Lemmings. Rather than burying the lede I’m starting out with that sweet photo up there from Sunday afternoon of everyone at the top of our glissade practice hill. I dodged all those snowballs, looked down to check out the awesome photo I’d just taken (above!) and got nailed by a straggler. Not cool, Lemmings. All the same, lots of fun on the mountain learning and teaching snow skills…

saturday at white river sno park

Denara built a bollard anchor—which means, more or less, that she wrapped the rope around a bunch of snow and buried it. Then eight students all tied into the rope and tried to get the anchor to fail. It took them yanking hard in concert several times to get it to move at all! Pretty cool:

saturday evening at mazama lodge

sunday at timberline lodge

Denara & Geoff, recent ICS grads, showed off their crevasse rescue skills by “rescuing” Jay from a “crevasse” at the end of the day:

(A couple weeks later I took a crevasse rescue class myself, and made magic happen with prusiks and pulleys and ropes. Why can’t my physics class be more like this, am I right?)

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