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“sustainable hedonism”

(i put this in my mouth, ants and all. it was delicious.)

(monday was kyle’s birthday.)

(a mistake was made with some of the hives some number of weeks or months ago. this is part of the damage. in a couple of weeks a local bee expert is coming out to teach us how to set it right and give our bees some love. that’s how it’s written on the big calendar in the bunkhouse: “bee luv.”)

* oh my goodness i am so full of delicious food. last nights’s dinner: lentil and chickpea patties, fresh baked naan, sauteed chard in a creamy goat milk and butter sauce, raw hummus made from sprouted chickpeas, and AMAZING goat cheese. we made the goat cheese monday and tuesday. we split it into three batches and added rosemary to one, red and black pepper to the next, and garlic, green onions, and thyme to the last. yummmm.

* my hands are tingly. yesterday i worked with soupy; we destroyed a cob bench in the back of the greenhouse (pick ax and shovel), sifted out the gravel from the foundation (shovel and bare hands), troubleshooted the kitchen/bunkhouse greywater system, and dug out the system’s gravel trench in order to widen it and replace the gravel (with gravel from the cob bench!). it was a full and satisfying day. and i need to get my hands on some well-fitting work gloves.

* i really like being here. it feels right to have dirt under my fingernails, to listen all night to the rain fall on the tarp over my tent, to watch the chickens run around the garden, to push heavy wheelbarrows up and down the paths. (i am also pretty excited to have the day off today, and to drive over mt tam and then over the bay to berkeley for the weekend in a couple days.)

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